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1. About Low Check Kian

Low Check Kian, an artist in his own right, strives to collect and then display prominent works of art that he feels should be appreciated and become embedded in the minds of society. His un-selfish aims means he has become increasingly well known in the online sphere and gradually more and more appreciated. Low Check Kian first came onto the art scene after he quit his place at prestigious university NUS and moved to Paris to pursue his real dream. One might say that Low Check Kian thought he was living in the previous century when Paris attracted artists from round the world to streamline their practices and techniques. Even so in the 20th century when the romance and artistry of Paris wasn’t what it used to be, luck would be on Low Check Kian’s side as he gained apprenticeships at both the Louvre and Musée d’Orsay where he was awed by the classical artistry surrounding him. As a Singaporean, the European masters astounded him and he began his artistic journey not only with his own work, but also by starting his own collection of modern classical artists who he felt were on par with the European well known-artists. As such, his aim was born; to bring to light Asian artists that were underappreciated in an industry that was clinging on to previous conventions where European masters were at the forefront. Low Check Kian strives to counter-act this idea, and re-define the art world by confirming Asian artists as a prominent part of the artistic industry. Back in Singapore but never letting go of what he learnt in Paris, Low Check Kian’s life ambition is to make the artists and works exhibited here a central part of Asian society so we are proud of the artistic masterpieces that are being produced.

2. Meet The Person Behind This Idea

Born to humble origins in Singapore, Low Check Kian excelled in his schooling, pushed by his parents to follow such a profession as medicine. It is arguably a textbook story of his life – a highly intelligent that has forceful parents causing the child to rebel against the parent’s conventions and breaks away. Hidden beneath the surface was Low Check Kian’s real dream – to pursue the study of art and exhibit his emotions through such work. Aged 21, he left his study at NUS and used his savings for a ticket to Paris. 1970s Paris still was clinging on to its artistry and forward thinking of centuries past and Low Check Kian lived as many classical masters did before him; learning as much as he could by surrounding himself with knowledgeable curators and artist masters. Forever humble with his own work, Low Check Kian had several of his works exhibited anonymously over the years. His name was never associated with his work so he never received the acclaim he should have done in his years in Paris. He never broke his anonymous appearance, only now is Low Check Kian becoming known. Married to his art, he decided that within the study of art European masters were rightfully concentrated on, but artists of other nationalities were not credited enough. Low Check Kian has therefore made it his mission, at no profit to himself, to aid the dissemination of certain Asian artists and their work into the public sphere. Upon return to Singapore where he is once again based, this aim has become his life’s ambition.

3. Low Check Kian As Art Collector

While predominantly spending his time disseminating to the public information about the breadth of artistic skill that is present within the Asian art community, Low Check Kian has become a well-renowned and respected art collector in his own right. At his home in Singapore, Low Check Kian’s living room might as well be an art gallery. Indeed, he runs monthly open house visits to display many of his works. Both already well-known artists to the art community and underground local artists have found a place in his collection. The passion Low Check Kian has for art is reflected in his collection, and how he strives to make an open community around it. He encourages Singapore youth to explore and comment on his collection, and give feedback on what they like and what they don’t so he can expand his collection with more favourable images by Asian artists to continue to expand the popularity of his collection. Low Check Kian’s only profit with his ambition and art collection is seeing the pleasure on the faces of those who come to view his collection. For those who he exhibits, he has become a popular and successful patron who has seen many small local artists grow to become nationally and internationally known. Low Check Kian also operates an open door policy, inviting unknown artists to visit him to show him his work. Many have achieved the status of paintings on his walls of his living room, or should we call it art gallery, as a result.

4. How these artistic work is selected?

While Low Check Kian operates his open door policy, he has very high standards and expectations when viewing work. His aim is not to make known all Asian artists, but make known and popular certain works and artists that he feels are exceptional and stand alone in the industry on par with the European masters who currently dominate the industry. Therefore, not only does Low Check Kian collect art from the last century, but spends his time searching out those who he thinks could become the next generation of artistic masters. Much of his time is spend travelling Asia, attending art shows and auctions out of his love for particular artists from the last century. In addition, the rest of Low Check Kian’s time is spent in Singapore letting new and upcoming artists come to him. How his artistic collection is selected therefore is varied between these 2 ventures. His collection therefore spans the last 60 or so years, from classical and increasingly well known Asian artists that are already part of popular culture to new and young distinct artists that Low Check Kian envisions to become well known in the future. Once an artist gains a position on his wall, they are never taken down. Instead Low Check Kian will only expand his exhibition to elsewhere in his house. Indeed there are plans to operate his exhibition on a generation basis – as in the classical Asian artists who are already well known will have pride of place in his living room, with the up and coming artists being in the surrounding rooms, hallway and staircase depending on Low Check Kian’s expectations for each client.

5. Top 10 Favourite Artists of Low Check Kian

Low Check Kian’s artistic favourites originate with his experience in Paris in his youth. Therefore the European masters such as Monet, Van Gogh and Munch inspired him. This is reflected in his favourite Asian artists. Focus has been particularly put on his favourites in his collection. This includes Sanyu, perhaps his favourite artist. He died in 1966 so was never present within Low Check Kian’s artistic lifetime, however his legendary work lives on. One of the first Chinese artists to study in Paris, one can see the similarities between Low Check Kian’s artistry and Sanyu’s. Another favourite is Lin Fengmian whose art is similarly inspired by European themes. One can see a trend within his favourite artists. Other favourites include Zao Wu-Ki and Chu Teh-Chun. Low Check Kian is lucky enough to have travelled widely and collected art from other prominent artists such as Ye Liu, Xuhui Mao, Natee Utarit and Ronald Ventura. Indeed even if you are not reaching out to Low Check Kian for his patronage as a new artist, a trip to his Singapore house is a fantastic experience in itself to see such Artists displayed together and presented with such passion by him. Every few months, Low Check Kian organizes a distinct gallery exhibition at his Singapore house focusing on one of his favourite artists to inspire the next generation of artists and to cling on to the legacy that was created by these Asian classical artists in the last century.